Because innovation is an important issue, ATI supports its clients on the most innovative projects. With a fully integrated R&D team and design office to the company, ATI is at your disposal to study your projects, to provide technical expertise and to ensure an effective and appropriate solution filling your needs.

Moreover ATI has surrounded itself with several partners in order to respond to major projects with important challenges.

Innovation and Practice

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In order to best meet your expectations in a mastered time, ATI now has an integrated design office.
With its technical expertise and listening , ATI brings you an effective solution tailored to your needs on the most innovative projects, providing a full support, from specifications to the realization while ensuring quality result.

As innovation is an important issue, ATI performs regular technology watch , both on technical solutions or on optimizing its production means.

For more specific needs, ATI is surrounded by several trusted partners, so feel free to submit your requests !

Industrial Design



The success of a product requires a good understanding of the uses made of it, as well as the ergonomics and aesthetics of it.

In tandem with the R&D team and design office, we ensures the production of a product suited to your needs and perfectly functional.


Prototypes, small series or larger ones, ATI plant all kinds, all sizes of parts on all subjects. We offer tools tailored to your requirements:

  • Milling and turning digital or traditional command
  • EDM (son or sinking)
  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting


Industrial Software

Following the arrival in our research department of a young team that specializes in information systems , ATI now offers :

  • Support you in the integration of information systems of your products and improve your user experience and the customers ones;
  • To realize your projects and applications (machining and prototyping, operation via a computerized system)


Working according to Agile methods, and through close collaboration between all ATI's poles (Design, Study Office, Machining & Design, Information Systems Development), we are able to answer all your requests taking into account all criticals factors to the success and outcome of a project .

We cover and use a wide range of technologies to deliver innovative solutions corresponding to your expectations and meeting your needs , whether for:

  • The development of a web application , mobile, or any other computer software,
  • Improvement of an existing product (Design , Computer Science, Mechanics, Ergonomics)
  • The complete realization of a project ( the idea in the first marketable model ) .

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